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5 February 2014 : in Print Design

History of Tobacco Poster. Tobacco has a rich and interesting history as something that was wildly accepted by everyone to something to be avoided at all cost. A time line is the best way to tell the story of tobacco’s history in a linear progression.

History of Tobacco Timeline

History of Tobacco Timeline Example 1

History of Tobacco Timeline Example 2

History of Tobacco Timeline Example 3

History of Tobacco Poster Both

We all know now that tobacco is harmful to us and is the leading cause of lung cancer in humans. What many people don’t know is what chemicals they are actually inhaling in their body. This poster illustrates only some of the harmful chemicals that you inhale into your body.

Tobacco Poster Example 1

Tobacco Poster Example 1

Many deaths are directly caused by tobacco mostly through cancer by lung and mouth. This poster illustrates how many tobacco related deaths in the year of 2010.

Tobacco Poster Example 2

Tobacco Poster Example 2

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