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5 February 2014 : in Web Development

Sunshine Cottage is a center for hearing and speech promoting listening and spoken language. The school and habilitation programs children help children who are deaf and hard of hearing utilize state-of-the-art technology to communicate naturally and effectively with intelligible speech, using residual hearing without the use of sign language. All children and their families benefit from the outstanding educational environment and strong support system spanning their Sunshine Cottage experience.

Sunshine Cottage offers a unique and specialized learning environment with excellent support services and teaching staff. More than eighty percent of our certified teaching professionals have graduate degrees thereby offering children the finest learning environment available in South Texas.

I was in charge of developing this site in html and css in which we implemented the code into a cms system called Expression Engine. This website was designed and developed through employment at Wickley Interactive. The lead programmer at Wickley Interactive developed all of the registration, shopping cart and charity functionality.

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