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5 February 2014 : in Brand Development

Jeff’s Backyard is a propane filling station, BBQ grill outfitter, and playground equipment supplier in San Antonio, Texas. They emphasise on the equipment that you would use for your outdoor grilling whether it be, charcoal grills, gas grills, smokers, wood. They also provide playground equipment which means they want their company to be more family oriented and not be so male dominated. The current mark is very eccentric looking mark use a the caricature looking depiction of a man. I think they use this approach to have their company look more friendly for families, but I felt using a more masculine approach will communicate to a wide range of audiences. I think that you cannot disassociate grilling with masculinity because people always associate the average American man grilling outside while watching the game with his buddies.

Jeff's Backyard Main Mark

Along with developing a new mark for the company, I created a process book to show how I came down to the final mark.

Jeff's Backyard Booklet Mock-up

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