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5 February 2014 : in Brand Development

Iron Wolf provides heavy duty construction machinery to take care even the toughest problems including process rock, concrete, asphalt, standing trees, brush, stumps, and frozen soil. Iron Wolf Crushers and Slashers provide the competitive edge worldwide in the excavation, site development, road building, oil field, and forestry industries. Their current identity is dynamic and powerful, but it lacks a clear visual communication as to what the company is about. Although their current identity emphasizes the power of the wolf, there is nothing that sets them apart from anyone else. I felt that there identity needed to emphasize that they are a construction equipment company.

Iron Wolf Main Mark

Alternative Logo 1

Iron Wolf Alternative Logo 1

Alternative Logo 2

Iron Wolf Alternative Logo 2

Iron Wolf Logo Mock-up

Along with developing a new mark for the company, I created a process book to show how I came down to the final mark.

Iron Wolf Booklet Mock-up

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