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5 February 2014 : in Brand Development

Brown Art Supplies is a large art supplies store focused on strengthening and expanding aspiring artist, graphic designer, and architects. These creative fields are unique in their own right, but what they all have in common is that creatives are constantly improving their life’s work commonly known as their portfolio. With this in mind the company strives to only feature the best and most essential tools for only the most serious creative individuals.

Brown Art Supplies Mark

Brown Art Supplies Stationary

Brown Art Supplies Letterhead

Brown Art Supplies Business Cards

Although Brown Art Supplies is a small company, their stores are very large to hold various supplies for creative people. Most of the company’s stores are located in the major citys in Texas, but some store are located in the major cities in several surrounding states.

Brown Art Supplies Exterior

The company’s uniforms feature an apron which are familiar attire for creative people. There are two distinctive versions of the uniforms to distinguish managers and every other employee.Left: Employees Apron Right: Managers Apron

Brown Art Supplies Apron

The interior signs show all of the different sections in the store. This is important due to the size of the store to have distinctive signs to quickly show the customer where they are. The graphic style of the signs work as a sample of what is featured in that specific section while keeping in line the company’s primary colors.

Brown Art Supplies Interior Signs

Artist books are one of the key starting points and probably one of the most essential tool in a creative person’s arsenal. Making fantastic artwork starts off as an idea that an artist makes live by drawing it on paper. Brown Art Supplies features exclusive artist books in only the most high quality paper for the artist to sketch our their next masterpiece.

Brown Art Supplies Sketchbook

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