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5 February 2014 : in Brand Development

Big Business Big and Tall Clothing is a store that specializes in business and business casual clothing for big and tall men. They focus on design and comfortable clothing because they know how difficult it may be to get designer clothing that both fits well and looks great on big and tall men.

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Big Business Mark

Big Business Stationary

Big Business Stationary Example

The website acts as a tool for Big Business’ customers to purchase the latest clothing from their clothing line. The website works on three different types of media screens and will format accordantly when shown on these three different devices. This is especially important to view any of Big Business’ latest news any time and from any where. Big Business strives to be very involved with their customers and what is going on in the world of business.

Big Business Responsive Website

The hanging tags are displayed on all of the clothing in the store. The tag features the familiar head on Big Business’ mark. The different moustaches on each of the tags signify different clothing types in the store; big and tall mens collection, mens, casual wear, and other accessories.

Big Business Hanging Tags

Big Business Hanging Tags Examples

Big Business advertisements are not trying to sell you on flashy designs and unrealistic models. The main clients of Big Business are big and tall men thus their advertisements will only feature models that are either big or tall. The advertisements are simple and straight to the point, which means you are going to look great while being comfortable all day long.

Big Business Advertisement

Big Business Advertisement Example

It is important to make the customer feel that any product being sold in the store has the same quality and attention to design as their top selling business attire. Our bold tags for our dress socks keeps the familiar mascot of the company to assure the consumer that they are purchasing a top quality product.

Big Business Sock Tags

Big Business Sock Tags Examples

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