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5 February 2014 : in Brand Development

Alamo City Discover Fest is an annual two-week summer event held in the city of San Antonio.The event focuses on math and science activities while also educating children in the rich Hispanic culture of San Antonio. This event is held in Hemisfair Park which is a very beautiful location in the heart of the city. The event emphasizes in children interaction with the park in a fun and educational way.

Alamo City Mark

The entrance sign features the very familiar shape of the Alamo and also looking like children toys that fit to one another. The vibrant colors entice park goers of what is to come.

Alamo City Entrance and Exit Sign

Alamo City Entrance Sign

Alamo City Exit Sign

The many activity areas in the park allow children to interact with the activity and learn something related to the activity. In this case the child will fill up a large cowboy hat and pour the water into a large beaker to measure how much water a “10 gallon” hat actually holds. The other panels also educate children about water.

Alamo City Activity

One of the most important aspects of living in San Antonio is that we have access to very clean and managed aquifer. It is essential that we educate children to be proud to be a San Antonian and how important it is that we are located in an aquifer zone.

Alamo City Activity Back

The many area signs feature familiar Texas, mathematical, and scientific themes. The sign also spins to emphasize the interaction with the park.

Alamo City Park Sign Both

Alamo City Park Sign 1

Alamo City Park Sign 2

The many items featured in the gift shop will help the consumer remember their time in the annual event. The main t-shirt design will be a unique shirt design that will change every year. Other shirts will vary between Texas, mathematical, and scientific themes and even using familiar figures in Hemisfair Park such as the Aztec tiki head.

Alamo City Event T-Shirt 1

Alamo City Event T-Shirt 2

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